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I firmly believe in supporting women in their pursuit of an independent life. The world benefits from diversity and equal opportunities, and women can play an essential role in making it fairer and more livable. Unfortunately, women still face disadvantages, and it is crucial for them to learn and understand the many opportunities available to them. Women are more than just mothers, friends, wives, organizers, and caretakers. My goal is to create an online education subscription platform in English and German that allows women to become skilled experts in various areas of life. It is important to me that this platform is accessible to all women who want to learn and change in one or more areas of life. I want to address not only new female entrepreneurs and talents but also women who contribute significantly to our society, even if they are not in the spotlight.

My Future Project



Although I have been fortunate to have parents who supported me with all opportunities and provided me with extracurricular education alongside school, I am aware that many women lack knowledge about essential aspects of their lives.

Medicine and science still primarily focus on the male body.
Women still earn 15 to 20% less than their male counterparts in the same job.
Many times, women know little to nothing about finances and how to secure themselves financially.
They often receive fewer loans from banks or are denied altogether.

We are still far from achieving gender equality. And I haven't even included sexual orientation and gender identity yet. Men, especially those who identify as such, still dominate most areas of life compared to women.

I want to change this ...

The following are the topics that the online education subscription platform will cover: The PLATFORM offers training programs and workshops that aim to help women develop their skills and become more self-assured. The topics covered are not only intended to empower women but also to allow them to take control of their lives and assert their rights. Here are the ten topics that will be integral parts of the ONLINE EDUCATION SUBSCRIPTION PLATFORM:

The online education subscription platform will feature courses designed in collaboration with experts and service providers from various fields. Each training program will last for a maximum of five to six weeks and will include video and audio material, as well as online live chats and Q&A sessions. Personal interaction is crucial for active learning, and participants will have the opportunity to engage with instructors and peers. Moreover, the platform will have a community section, where members can ask questions, connect with others, and grow together in a safe online space. The community will be open to all women*.

The online education subscription platform will be distributed to interested women*. They can choose to subscribe to either monthly or annual memberships. Moreover, there will be an option to purchase a lifetime membership. All members will have access to the complete learning area, which is planned to expand with time.

Frauen mit Wunderkerzen

Get into Your
Magical Flow

Unleash the Power within You!

Overcome Your Self-sabotage &
Achieve Professional Success!

The program is in the development phase. An explanatory video will follow shortly.

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